Water company to arrest persons for stealing of water









Georgetown :  The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI)is moving to clamp down on non-revenue water loss, particularly those caused by pilfering or metering inaccuracies.

GWI’s Managing Director, Dr. Richard Van West-Charles disclosed that plans are underway this year to install ultrasonic meters countrywide to alleviate the issue.

“In 2017 we discovered a number of issues with people taking water illegally and it’s a good spectrum of people taking water illegally. Those who live in opulence, those who are squatting, but these things we have to arrest…We have to meter the entire country if we are to reduce the non-revenue loss.” Dr. Van West-Charles was at the time outlining the utility company’s 2017 year-end performance.

He explained that the meters to be installed were proven successful during a recent pilot-test programme.  “… these new meters are able to detect leaks in homes. It will also help us to become more efficient in meter reading.”

Citizens are being encouraged to be responsible, report leakages and pay their bills in a timely manner, as these measures will assist the water company as it continues to upgrade its services.

During 2017, GWI had embarked on purchasing and installing approximately 20,000 meters, but the process was delayed due to the issues with the procurement process. The CEO is optimistic that this implementation of the devices will be achieved in 2018 and unmetered customers and those whose require meters replaced, will be the beneficiaries.

The government has indicated its commitment to support GWI as it aims to achieve universal access to safe and affordable drinking water. To this end, a sum of $3.2B was allocated in the 2018 National Budget for the water sector.