“Village movement very important ingredient for development” – Minister Allicock

Minister of Indigenous Peoples Affairs, Sydney Allicock partaking in the domino game.

Georgetown: Residents of Lethem Town and surrounding communities including Aranaputa, Annai, Kumu, St. Ignatius, participated in a Village Day activity on November 10, in observance of National Day of Villages. The event, which was organised by the Region Nine administration, was aimed at fostering unity among the people in the region.

The residents participated in football, cricket, volleyball, table tennis and domino matches, as well as novelty competitions like bun-eating and lime and spoon. There was also an exchange of culture, and a variety of food, drinks, and arts and craft on display and for sale.

At a simple opening ceremony at the Community Ground, Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Sydney Allicock noted the significance of such an event in the development of the communities, the region, and the country.

“The Village movement is a very important ingredient for the development of Guyana,” Minister Allicock noted that this movement would have evolved out of the struggles of the African slaves, who were brought to Guyana to work as labourers on the sugar plantations; and when freed, pooled their resources together and bought land. They realised that for them to be successful, it would require collaboration. This later evolved into a cooperative movement.

That same system, Minister Allicock said, can be used to foster unity in the communities.  He urged the residents to recapture that spirit of cooperation, which existed among their forefathers.

He also advised that they use the event to reflect on their role in the unification of their communities and country.

“Lethem is a New Town and you must play your role in its development. Stop complaining and start contributing. We as a government can’t do it alone, we need your support, let us work together for the development of this region,” Minister Allicock urged.

Sherwyn Wellington, Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO), Region Nine explained that the regions were mandated by the Ministry of Communities to celebrate National Day of Villages.

He said that the event also presents a platform for the people to share ideas, identify issues and develop possible solutions for their respective communities and that it was in keeping with the Government’s approach to building cohesive communities.