Sports Ministry closely monitoring works at athletic track

Frank AnthonyGeorgetown: The Ministry of Culture Youth and Sport continues to closely supervise the progress of works on the National Synthetic track, at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, even as some of it has been affected as a result of inclement weather.

The synthetic track and field has been designed in phases, and at present there are several contractors on site with specific jobs being contracted to them.

Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony said that the ministry has been placing a lot of attention on this particular project and at present there are permanent staff on site that are overlooking the works.

Ground work such as landscaping, and levelling of the football field, and creation of the parking area and the foundation for the track itself are completed.

Earlier this year a $176M contract was awarded to BK International for the construction of two stands at the northern side of the track.  Minister Anthony said that the foundation work for the stands has started. These are being constructed in stages and once completed will accommodate about10,000 people.

Minister Anthony explained that all the materials for the track are in Guyana and the Ministry is awaiting good weather so that the German company REGUPOL will lay the surface.

“We are having some challenges with the weather…as soon as we have good weather the works will move ahead and the company will come and lay the track,” the Minister pointed out.

REGUPOL has indicated that they need seven days of good weather for them to lay the track.

The inner field is progressing, and the grass is growing nicely, he stated. The ministry will now have to manicure it and ensure the right kind of grass is growing. This field is a minimum expectation of a FIFA football match.

“Immediately, on the outskirts they also have to grass that… so we will see a lawn around the track itself,” he added.

Minister Anthony highlighted that there is one particular contractor who has been delinquent and the Ministry has issued the contractor with a letter and the contract will be terminated shortly.

“This would be the second company that has worked on the track that we have to terminate, we have terminated one before and we have a case right now that is ongoing in court with that particular company,” Ministry Anthony disclosed.

The Ministry will now have to retender that work so that the job can be completed.