President briefs diplomatic community on decision to prorogue Parliament


Georgetown: The local diplomatic community was briefed by President Donald Ramotar last evening at the Presidential Complex. The Head of State informed the foreign representatives of his decision to prorogue Parliament, and provided them with copies of his address to the nation along with the Official Gazette in which the proclamation to prorogue is published.

President Ramotar updated the officials on the current state of Parliamentary affairs and clarified government’s position and the way forward, within the country’s constitutional framework.

During President Ramotar’s national address on November 4, he indicated government’s desire for the National Assembly, in its post-recess sittings, to deliberate and give priority to important matters. He said these were related to, “the development of our country and the future of all of our people. I also extended a hand to the Opposition for us to put the nation’s business first rather than political gamesmanship”.

He added that were he to be provided with reasons to believe that the Parliamentary Opposition intended to disrupt Government’s business by forcing a debate on their No Confidence Motion; he resolved to respond immediately by exercising his Constitutional options to either prorogue or dissolve Parliament paving the way for the holding of general elections.

The president explained that his administration will use the time during the period of prorogation to continue to engage the Parliamentary Opposition in constructive ways.

The high-level meeting was attended by representatives of the diplomatic community, along with senior Cabinet officials.