Pastor in “naked prayer session” arrested

The Parfaite Harmonie Church

Georgetown: A Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara pastor was arrested Thursday after it was alleged that he raped a member of the church recently.

Police said half a dozen women claimed the pastor either was sexually inappropriate with them.  One of the victims told police of a “naked prayer session” that she had with the pastor.

The 37 year old pastor allegedly abused the youngest victim months ago. She didn’t come forward until a recent incident where she was lured to the pastor’s Diamond home, pushed onto a bed, stripped then forced to have sex with the while he drank Guinness.

She told investigators of how the pastor performed a ritual before his sexual encounters. The victim even told investigators of how the Church’s donations and offerings were spent. At least one victim admitted to having a relationship with the pastor but when his wife found out, she wanted the relationship to end , but according to her, Pastor continues to stalk her and make sexual advances.