Jealously resulted in killing of waitress, suspect confesses

Dead: Marissa Fraser

Georgetown: One day after Marissa Fraser’s semi-nude body was discovered in a trench at No.5 Village West Coast Berbice with multiple stab wounds, a 38-year-old Security Guard confessed to the Murder of the 22-year-old Fraser of No.4 Village Public Road, West Coast Berbice.

The suspect who was arrested Monday has since told investigators that he was in the company of Fraser and two other males at a wedding house. She later left with an individual by the name of Deon Clements. He was driving a car bearing license plate number PMM 7850.

“This thing had to do with jealousy, which led into a confrontation and he pulled out a scissors that was found on the scene and stab her up,” Police said.

Fraser reportedly, after returning home around midnight ventured out back and was walking alone along the No.5 Public Road when her attacker confronted her.

Three persons were held in connection with the woman’s murder. However during the investigations, information gathered by investigators led to the suspect who eventually confessed under intense questioning.

Charges are expected to be laid shortly. A post mortem examination is scheduled to be conducted Wednesday by government Pathologist on the West Coast Berbice.

Fraser, aka ‘Rehana’, was last seen imbibing with a group of “village boys” after she left her No. 4 Village residence.