Executive Profiles

CEO & Editor-in-Chief

Satash Singh

A seasoned Senior Management Consultant that is able to assemble effective project teams that successfully seize business opportunities. Satash has extensive business and technical experience in all aspects of Business Application. Satash brings to Caribbean Trakker the capability of managing staff, of all size and complexity, effectively to maximize productivity and focus on achieving required results. Satash as founder of the Caribbean Trakker is always looking at ways to enrich the minds of others and sharing his extensive knowledge.

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Jitin Maraj

Jitin Maraj is the President at Caribbean Trakker Inc. with the task and responsibility for business planning and execution. Jitin is a young, dynamic and business minded individual and has served as a Business Consultant for many years. Jitin’s experience coupled with an MBA in management contributes to the strong management team Caribbean Trakker boasts and his leadership skills would ensure the continued success of this organization.

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Vice President

Joel Nanton

Joel Nanton is the vice-president of operations at Caribbean Trakker mainly responsible for planning, execution and management editorial issues.
He is a former newspaper editor and award-winning investigative journalist and has trained a number of young, current Trinidadian journalists.
He also lectures in journalism and mass communications at a local college.

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