About Us

Caribbean Trakker Inc. has offices in Guyana and Trinidad was created in November 1999. This has resulted in the formation of a group of extraordinarily talented individuals with decades of practical experience in publishing, journalism, marketing and finance. Caribbean Trakker Inc. is a global organization and is tuned to the needs of the West Indian people worldwide. This website is uniquely designed, user-friendly and dynamic to provide the public with up-to-date news  and at the same time provide access to our  magazine features.

Mission Statement

Caribbean Trakker Inc. is determined to be the Caribbean’s leading information source where unbiased, practical, factual and inspirational events, news and features is accessible to everyone via both electronic and hard copy media. We are also committed to being the leader in the publishing business, where our creative ideas, marketing strategies, coupled with our unparalleled customer service and will to excel would guarantee the success of this organization in current and future endeavors

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