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Potholes along Carifesta Avenue remedied – Public Infrastructure

Georgetown:  The Ministry of Public Infrastructure has successfully determined the cause of the developing potholes along the Carifesta Avenue and has completed minor rehabilitative works to remedy the situation.

According to the Ministry, in light of concerns over the overall structural integrity of the carriageway, the Ministry would like to emphasise that the potholes – particularly those which had developed at the bases of light-poles – were as a result of improper compaction of the white sand that was used as backfill around the pile foundation. Due to continuous and heavy traffic, the sand had begun settling, thus causing cavities to develop in the median and water to enter it. As a result, the clay median, mixed with the water, got under the road and caused erosion in the sub base, hence resulting in the failures.

This issue was discovered during recent assessments by the Ministry. In rectifying this fault, the Ministry, along with the contractor, plugged the cavities with concrete slurry. These sealed areas will soon be overlaid with asphalt.

The Ministry wishes to reassure the travelling public of the structural soundness of the Carifesta Avenue.