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President Granger attends church on Old Year’s Night -commits to continuing to build public trust and confidence in 2016


Georgetown : As across the Nation, Guyanese ushered in Guyana's Jubilee year, President David Granger, like many others, spent the time in prayer and reflection at the Church of the Transfiguration on Mandela Avenue.

Speaking earlier in the day, yesterday, President Granger said that his New Year resolution is to create a virtuous cycle of public trust and confidence, while providing the resources for the country to move forward.  The President said that he believes this will see Guyanese becoming more committed to the development of the country.

“My New Year resolution is to ensure that we continue to increase the level of public confidence and public trust.  That is most important to me.  That public confidence can move mountains; public trust can move mountains. Once people are sure that the Government is on their side they will come out to clean up their communities; to clean up the city, to invest and to turn the economy around,” the Head of State said.

President Granger said that he is confident that this can be accomplished in 2016.  He said, “We are creating the virtuous cycle in which people who are confident in this country, after 50 years of Independence; they see the roads being built, they see the city being cleaned, they see better health and education, better sanitation, they feel more secure, I believe this will be good for Guyana.”