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Security officers for Tobago schools.

By Monday of next week, a fence would be built and two security officers would be stationed at the Scarborough RC Primary School, these are measures put into place following yesterday’s sexual assault of a nine year old girl on the school’s compound.
According to Education Secretary, H Cadett , work on the fence has already started today and arrangements have been made for the two security officers.

Chief Secretary of the Tobago House of Assembly (THA), Orville London commented on the incident saying there has been a change on the island, and Tobagonians have to be aware of the fact that Tobago has changed. He said what is required is more care and concern for each others’ personal safety, more concern of monitoring and sensitizing of children is needed. He said all of this is part of the change of a dynamic society, he also commended all the relevant authorities for the way in which they handled the situation.

Education Minister, Tim Gopeesingh also spoke out on the situation saying the Government will lend any assistance it can to Tobago’s education division. Gopeesingh said although it is the sole responsibility of Mr. Cadett to oversee the school security in Tobago, he says he stands committed, ready and willing to assist. The Minister said that security measures would be taken for all the primary and secondary schools in Tobago.
The man who was apprehended in connection with the assault was to be interviewed toady before charges are laid.