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CPL will have a major impact on the region


The Caribbean Premier League (CPL) will have a major impact on businesses in the region, this is the view of Ajmal Khan founder of the League.

According to Khan, the introduction of the CPL has already attracted several major investors and corporations from around the globe who are interested in coming to the Caribbean to see what the region has to offer apart from good cricket.

They will be investing in the region and also working with local companies to develop their businesses, Khan said in a press release.

The opportunities that are available through these connections are far reaching and long lasting. The awareness of the Caribbean Premier League is growing, and momentum is building steadily with the announcement of regional and international stars will be playing

  However, one of the most important aspects of the largest sporting event in the region is how this tournament will dramatically impact the Caribbean economy, something that the CPL organisers find just as exciting as the actual tournament, the release said.

 Khan said from the launch of the Tournament that the goal of the CPL is to develop and stimulate the economies in the region. 

One aspect of that is providing local employment for people, something happening right now as the CPL is currently working on hiring staff in the six franchise countries.


  In addition, the CPL will present a wealth of training opportunities that both staff and volunteers will benefit from, which will create a trickle-down effect as these individuals take what they have learned from, and experienced working for the CPL into other areas of the workforce, and possibly other cricket-related fields. 

The result will be a more knowledgeable, qualified and employable labour force that will be an asset to employers locally, regionally and internationally.


'The potential to grow local economies and provide job opportunities for the people of the Caribbean through the CPL is significant and not to be underestimated", says Khan.

The investment banker said he hope that young people and tradespersons around the region will get involved because the possibilities for personal growth and future employment are limitless.

Ajmal Khan