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Picture of mother beating daughter seen on the internet


The mother who was caught on a video beating her 14 year old daugher with a four by four plank  in the front of several onlookers says she did not care what anyone about her actions.

Karen Jordan, 33 says she did nothing wrong: "I don't care nobody can tell me how to deal with my children. Call the Child Care Board. Call the police! I did not see any of them when I was skin out at the hospital angry Jordan told the press.

She pointed out that the incident took place last November  in the Ivy, St Michael, where she lives . Jordan said she beat the she was getting out of control.

"The girl was living with her grandmother from the team she was a baby and when she was going to primary school she would steal and all her grandmother would do was to make her give it back. When she got into secondary school she, she started to give more trouble and when I started to punish her the grandmother would tell me that I was unfairing the child", Jordan said.

"I went to the Child Care Board, the Probation Office and the police, everybody you can think of but she would not change', she added.

Jordan explained that on the day of the incident she heard her daughter making insulting remarks about her.

"I ask her about it and she feel she is a woman and want to fly up to me, so I beat she and show she how much woman she is', Jordan said.

The mother of six said she believed in corporal punishment and she still physically punished her 16 and 18 year old sons.

The video went viral on several websites