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Pakaraima Mountain Safari is an adventure of a lifetime

TourGeorgetown: The Pakaraima Mountain Safari (PMS), the adventure of a lifetime, entails traveling via 4x 4 vehicles across Guyana’s Administrative Regions. This tour starts from region four, eight, nine and 10, starting below sea level and reaching approximately 3,800 ft above sea level.

The journey takes approximately 4-5 days through unfriendly terrain, covering over 600 miles, passing more than 25 Amerindian Villages before reaching its destination, Orinduik Falls.

The PMS offers some of the most beautiful geological features to be experienced in the Guiana’s. This frontier is blessed with a wide range of flora and fauna and the rich history of our indigenous people are evident throughout the regions.

The 2013 Pakaraima Safari will be staged from March 22nd-30th.

 Chiung Falls in Kato Village

The European Union (EU) has given the green light for the construction of a 330 kilowatt hydropower plant in Kato but actual funding of the project would depend on the construction of a new secondary school.

The Euros 2.4 million (GUY$615 million) plant would be done at the Chiung River Falls, Kato, Region 8.

The EU said it would be contributing Euro 1,841,848 (G$460M) under the 10th European Development Fund [EDF] while the Guyana Government will contribute Euro 613, 949  (G$154M).

The EU’s office in Guyana says the construction phase is expected to begin in February 2013 and be completed by February 2015.

The EU said the system would comprise the micro-hydropower station with its primary energy source being the 36m head waterfall in the Chiung River in the vicinity of Kato village.

Furthermore the system will provide electricity to Paramakatoi through a 16 km transmission line which forms part of the intervention.

The project embodies initiatives under the Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS); such energy uses could be employed especially for the hinterland regions.

Construction of the micro-hydro power plant at Chiung Falls in Kato, Region Eight is expected to start by October 2013, according to Prime Minister Sam Hinds.

 Orinduik Falls

The Orinduik Falls lie on the Ireng River, a highland river that thunders over steps and terraces of red jasper on the border of Guyana and Brazil before merging with the Takutu River and into Brazil to join the Amazon River.

The falls are situated amid the rolling, grass-covered hills of the Pakaraima Mountains. Orinduik Falls is a wide, multi-tiered series of cascades making it an ideal waterfall for swimming. Waterfall is approximately 25 m tall and more than 150 m wide.

There are other waterfalls on Ireng River, including the approximately 100 m tall Kurutuik Falls located more than 40 km to the north, but due to hard accessibility these falls are rarely visited.

Thanks to the airstrip next to the falls, Orinduik Falls is a popular tourist destination. The falls lie at the edge of the Pakaraima Mountains. There are frequent flights from Ogle Airport and Cheddi Jagan International Airport in Georgetown and most tours are combined with Kaieteur Falls.