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Jagans remembered at ‘Evening of reflection’


Georgetown : Prime Minister Samuel Hinds joined members of the Jagan family, Government officials and Guyanese at the home of the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan and Mrs. Janet Jagan, Bel Air, Georgetown, last evening as they reflected on the life and struggles of these two freedom fighters.

The house that the Jagans lived in was declared a Heritage Home and declared open to the public by their daughter, Nadira Jagan-Brancier in April 2009. It is managed under the Red House Committee and its doors are open to members of the public.

PPP MP, Dr. Vindhya Persaud said that Dr. Jagan was a larger than life figure with a multi-faceted persona reflective of his humble origins.

“In Guyana his name and legacy will remain embedded in our history books and political tapestry. Although his tenure as President was tragically shortened after decades of struggles in the political wilderness, he can still be credited as the architect who shaped our country’s destiny and ideology in the modern era,” she said.

Meanwhile, Health Minister, Dr. Bheri Ramsaran in his remarks focused more on his fond recollection of the life of Mrs. Jagan and her invaluable contributions to the health and education sectors.

“Comrade Jagan made significant contributions in taking health to the periphery in Guyana…she brought transformation to this sector, which we are now trying to maintain,” the Health Minister said.

The PPP/C has agreed to the theme “Cheddi Jagan: a man of the people” as the hallmark for the commemorative event each year and will mark the occasion with activities spanning the entire month of March.

Dr. Jagan died on March 6, 1997; while Mrs. Jagan passed away on March 28, 2009.