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International body partners with Guyana to protect jaguars

jaguarGeorgetown: Guyana’s national animal, the Jaguar, will be further protected as the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Panthera Corporation (Panthera.)

“The MOU provides a framework for research and surveys on the Jaguar, public education on the behaviours of these large cats, and the examination of economic opportunities associated with Jaguar conservation,” the Ministry said

Guyana is the latest country to partner with Panthera on a regional effort to conserve the species, and facilitate genetic flow between important Jaguar habitats.

Under the MOU, Panthera will be providing technical and scientific expertise on conservation priorities, Jaguar movement models and other resources aimed at facilitating long term benefits to local stakeholders, and the country as a whole.

“The MOU will also provide a solid foundation for new initiatives to understand and mitigate conflicts between humans and jaguars. These initiatives may include grants for local researchers and research institutions and the development of a conflict response mechanism to deal with problem animals.” 

The only Panthera species found in the Americas, jaguars can also be differentiated from other big cats in the region by their large head, short, stocky legs, and sturdy body.

Jaguars are built more for stealth and sudden capture than long-distance running.