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Pine Hill Dairy exporting products to Trinidad


The Pine Hill Dairy (PHD) is shiping 58,000 units of one litre ultra pasteurised milk to Trinidad and Tobago this week.

Yesterday, staff of the PHD prepared two containers filled with the milk which should be on supermarket shelves in the twin island republic by next  week.

A month ago  Richard Cozier, the chief executive officer of Banks Holdings Limited, the parent company of PHD told a media conference that PHD's products were being blocked from accessing the Trindadian market by the Food and Drug Agency there.

Cozier said the Food and Drug Agency was the only regional body  to indicate that several PHD brands had non complian labelling.

Since then, there have been discussions between representatives between the two countries and the officials in Trinidad have acknowledged they made an in not allowing the importation of the dairy's evaporated milk.

Yesterday Cozier said he was pleased about the shipment and hope there will be more in the future.

"The value of the two containers are approximately US$56,000, however when a product enter a new market, it takes time before it is accepted,given the size of the Trinidadian market, this shipment should be repeated  every two weeks if it goes as projected", Cozier said.