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AFC calls for interdiction of rape accused Police Commissioner

Georgetown : Both of the most senior members of the Alliance for Change (AFC), the party’s Leader Raphael Trotman and Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan, are calling for the immediate removal from Office of the Commissioner of Police Henry Greene, DSM. Greene, the Commissioner of Police, has been fingered in a rape allegation and faces a possible life sentence if convicted of rapring a 34-year-old mother of two.
Ramjattan told media operatives during a party press briefing today that they view the allegation as a very serious one and there appears to be some cogency in the woman’s account of what transpired between her and the Commissioner. He said that it is very important to note that Commissioner Greene has not denied having sex with the woman at the heart of the allegation.  
“The AFC is saying that there must be some very intense investigation into this matter,” Ramjattan said. The AFC Chairman was also adamant that at this stage Greene should immediately be interdicted from the Guyana Police Force. “As a matter of fact based on what we have heard we feel that he ought to tender his resignation or the President ought to dismiss him…but at the very least at this stage an interdiction.”
Ramjattan says simple citizens seeking the assistance of the Commissioner of Police and having to wait late at nights and the talk of money involved would constitute an abuse of the office of Commissioner. He noted too that even if there was some level of consent the allegations level at the senior functionary requires an immediate resignation or dismissal. The AFC Chairman opined that if it were any other ordinary citizen that was being accused of such a heinous act, “you would have already been locked up, probably with no bail for several weeks.”
The party Chairman says that this case will represent a big test for the Guyana Police Force and its commitment to the provisions of the Sexual Offences Act.
He said too that it “is very unfortunate that it is our Commissioner who will be bearing the brunt…I hope that it is dealt with and it is not that we pass laws and there is no enforcement.”
The party leader, Raphael Trotman, in adding his sentiments to the now topical issue said that the matter is the first real test for the new Head of State Donald Ramotar as President.
“Is he president or is he a weakling,” asked Trotman while adding that if the most Senior Police Officer in Guyana is accused of breaking the laws of Guyana, “and nothing happens it defines his presidency in my view from today going forward.”