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OLPF application forms for Laptops released.

Georgetown : The Government has disclosed that The One Laptop Per Family programme (OLPF) has entered the critical phase that will see the Project Unit aggressively interacting with the public, as the much anticipated application form is released.

The Regional Democratic Councils and the general offices of the Neighbourhood Democratic Councils in regions 2,3,4,5,6,7 (Bartica only) and 10, will make the forms and accompanying pre-paid, pre-addressed envelopes available to the public from Monday May 9.

While every Guyanese could access the document, the public is reminded that the eligibility criteria caters in the first phase (2011) to single parents, differently able and other persons who are considered as members of low income families.

Persons seeking to register their families for consideration are advised that the forms available at the RDCs and NDCs are the only documents to be used when applying, and should not be duplicated or paid for under any circumstances.

The completed forms must be returned to the OLPF Central Office on or before May 31.

The One Laptop Per Family Programme is an initiative of the office of the President, targeting 90,000 Families over a two year period.


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